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  •   里昂公共交通无限次乘坐
  •   里昂全城21家博物馆参观通票
  •   免费享受里昂旅游局为您提供的导游服务
  •  索恩河免费坐船游览
  •  免费获得一张季农小木偶表演门票
  •  参观里昂丝绸手工作坊
  •  里昂自行车免费租赁
  •  当然还有更多惊喜等着您……



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K. Reiss

28/01/2013 15:15

We would like to buy the city card as a gift.
Is it possible to select a date later or is the date fixed in the online booking process?
Thank you

> That's a very good idea for a gift!
There is no need to specify any date when you buy the Lyon City Card. The validity begins when you use your City Card for the first time.
Alfred Zou

28/03/2013 10:00

Hi, does the 48 hours card validate from the time I use or it will expired at mid-night? Thank you.

06/06/2013 11:45

I have a same question. If I start to use this card(24 hours) at 20:00, can I use it until 20:00 of next day?

> The validity begins when you use your City Card for the first time. So if you validate it at 20:00 it is valid until 20:00 of the next day.

29/07/2013 09:15

A good idea

29/07/2013 09:15

What a wonderful idea!
kim younglan

30/09/2013 09:45

good choice!!
Karen Chitty

14/10/2013 11:30

This website does not give the age for juniors or students. I am visiting with my children ages 11 and 14. Shold I book both as Juniors?

29/10/2013 10:15

Très pratique et avantageux - également pour louer un vélo - mais attention aux musées presque tous fermes lundis et mardis et ouverts seulement à partir de 10h ...
raquel panadero

16/12/2013 09:15

Je voudrai savoir a partir de combien des annès les enfants sont consideres junior pour avoir la carte. Merci de votre reponsr

10/03/2014 16:15

Une carte indispensable qui permet d'accéder à moindre coût à de très nombreuses activités. Autant de visites guidées que souhaitées, les transports et de nombreux musées. A avoir absolument pour passer de belles vacances bien remplies ;-)

12/03/2014 11:00

Cette carte est géniale, pratique et avantageuse. Je ne vois pas pourquoi "mairiet le 5 mars 14" se permet de donner 3/5 (le seul !!!) comme note. Ce devait être sa meilleure note à l'école !!!
Richard Bebbington

06/05/2014 12:15

Please note in our experience the Lyon City Card expires at Mid-night. It does not last for the 24, 48 or 72 hour period.

06/05/2014 12:15

Daniel Wee

26/05/2014 09:30

Hi there, may I ask what the age limit for Juniors is? Also, is there a student discount for the Lyon City Card?
djemai sidi mohammed

26/05/2014 09:30


25/05/2016 14:34

I am a student at a british university. Will my home university's id-card do or do I need an international student card (and if so which one) to be able to get and use the lyon city card for students?
Dennis Quilala

25/05/2016 14:35

Hi! I will go to Lyon this Sunday and I want to purchase the one day pass. I am in Switzerland until Saturday.

If I order it online, will I get an e-copy of the card which I can use? Or will you send it to me through mail?

Also, if I just buy it in your office, what is your address?
karren ferguson

04/07/2016 18:30


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Lyon City Card 了解里昂旅游一卡通(Lyon City Card)


了解里昂旅游一卡通(Lyon City Card)