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CathAm Soie ©
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CathAm Soie ©
Wild silks in shimmering colours, created by an original Lyonnais fashion designer - you are in CathAm Soie in Old Lyon.
CathAm Soie is a young Fashion House founded by Catherine Amaz, a Parisian stylist, brought up with the tradition of 'haute couture' in association with her husband, Jacques, a visual artist and professor of art history. The material of preference of CathAm is silk. Sumptious wild silk in shimmering tones, and traditional iridescent silks. At CathAm the thread is dyed before weaving. Then two different colours are chosen to create the fabric. This is the reason that the fabric is so shimmery and changes constantly with CathAm creations. The styles are all created by the CathAm designers. They combine the originality of the the product. 'These scarves are equipped with cords or buttons, which allow for to easily make changes. You need next to nothing to offer a range of different possibilities - a jacket, collar, wrap-over top, Indian head-piece, belt.. Easily adjusted, meaning anyone is capable of creating a new outfit each day - stylish for parties or more casual for daily life'. (article by Isabelle Brione for Le Progrès 11/12/2014, p. 45) CathAm also offers a selection of sophisticated, high quality Pashminas from Ladakh and Mongolia. By appointment, we are pleased to present our design workshop, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the different stages in the creation of new CathAm designs, from the first sketches to the final prototype. Come join us for an inside look!


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Langues parlées

English, Spanish, French

Contact details

24 rue du Bœuf 69005 Lyon 5ème

Tel. : 09 83 98 04 84

Opening times

Open daily: 10 am-7 pm. Closed on Dec. 25th and Jan.1st.


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