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您想要找一些独一无二的物件、案件的家具或者特别的油画吗?在维勒班的“运河跳蚤市场(les Puces du Canal)”,奥古斯特.宫特(Auguste Comte)古玩区,还有很多有趣的旧货市场,喜爱淘宝的您一定能在这里找到您喜爱的物品!


Les Ateliers de Marinette
Les Ateliers de Marinette

A shop with objects and collectibles that date from 1900 to 1970, all fully restored by our workshop. We also offer a rental service for collectibles, antiquities, film set and event decors, interior decoration, shop-window displays, private sale...
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Les Puces du Canal
Les Puces du Canal (flea market)

A Sunday ride ideal for fans of old objects and bargain hunters paradise, The Puces du Canal are the place for a family outing and arts enthusiasts.
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Marc Curial PinUp
Marc Curial Pin-Up

This is a store unlike any other! Not only is this a store, it is also the workshop of pinup painter Marc Curial. Along with its vintage items from the 50s and 60s, this is an artistic "ensemble" where cheerfulness is "de rigueur".
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Brocante du VieuxLyon


Brocante du Vieux-Lyon (flea market)

Every year for Pentecost, the renaissance district hosts a large flea market based around the Cathedrale Saint Jean.
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Moïse Lecomte, bouquiniste

墨义思.勒宫特先生(Moïse Lecomte),是一名旧书商


墨义思.勒宫特先生(Moïse Lecomte)是一名旧书商,他在渔场码头(le Quai de la Pêcherie)向我们细数旧书市场的种种迷人之处。