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Giraudet Bellecour

Giraudet Bellecour ©
Specialising in quenelles made from durum wheat semolina (instead of flour). Quenelles with crayfish, with pike, and with truffles, etc., Nantua, tomato or financière sauces, etc. Cookery classes also available. Tasting room.
Since 1910, the House GIRAUDET is the specialist quenelle semolina durum wheat, typical dish of the Bourg-en-Bresse region, she knew declined by more than 30 original recipes. In constant quest for innovation, know-how has developed in parallel, a variety of sauces, and fresh soups 120 recipes, the menu changes with the seasons. The factory takes place in Bourg en Bresse (Ain) where the tour is available.

Langues parlées

English, French

Contact details

2 rue du Colonel Chambonnet 69002 Lyon 2ème

Tel. : 04 72 77 98 58

Opening times

Open Mon.: 11 am-7 pm, from Tue. to Sat.: 9 am-7 pm.
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Grégory Cuilleron

格黑高里.顾叶红(Grégory Cuilleron),多次获得厨师比赛冠军。


格黑高里.顾叶红(Grégory Cuilleron),多次获得厨师比赛冠军。