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Trésor de Soie

Trésor de Soie © tresor de soie
Lyonnais silk goods shop selling headscarves, scarves, stoles for women, ties and scarves for men, all manufactured in Rhône-Alpes.
In addition to the area devoted to the sale of silk items made in silk mills in the Rhône-Alpes region, Yves CORDIN also sells hand painted squares and scarves, made by two local artists. You will also be served homemade mint tea with pine nuts, baklava and a "MENZEL hookah" nargileh pipe in an oriental decor, not to mention a hookah pipe in the tea room "Menzel" in a 4m vault, old antique stones!


Pets welcome

Langues parlées

German, English, French, Italian

Contact details

2 place du Gouvernement Rue Saint-Jean 69005 Lyon 5ème

Tel. : 06 62 19 22 30


from 20€ to 139€

Opening times

Open daily: 10:30 am-6 pm.


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Virginie Varenne, directrice de la Maison des Canuts Interview "...丝绸工人之家..." 维吉尼(Virginie)和费立波.瓦海呐(Philibert Varenne) 丝绸工人之家


维吉尼.瓦海呐(Virginie Varenne)和她的丈夫费立波.瓦海呐(Philibert Varenne)是里昂丝绸工人之家的负责人,夫妻二人一同修复了这个历史古迹。我们可以从丝绸店进入,这里的建筑还保留着旧时的风格——高高的木质吊顶和亮堂的房间。白色的墙壁衬托出丝绸明亮的色彩。

维吉尼.瓦海呐(Virginie Varenne)投入了巨大精力,力图将这个为里昂历史做出巨大贡献的丝绸工厂保存下来,让更多的人可以来这里参观并了解这段光荣的历史。


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