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您来里昂的话不妨买一块里昂生产的丝绸小方巾。在这个因丝绸业而著名的城市,那些喜爱丝绸制品的人一定会觉得开心!里昂人将为您展现他们最新的作品“Made in Lyon”——真正里昂制造的丝绸围巾、小方巾以及其他饰品!



Brochier Soieries  La Soierie de SaintJean
Brochier Soieries - La Soierie de Saint-Jean

At the foot of the Tour Rose, in the very heart of the old part of Lyon, Brochier Soieries - La Soierie de Saint-Jean offers its collection of silk scarves and ties created and printed in our printing factory in Lyon.
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La Maison des Canuts  Boutique
La Maison des Canuts - Boutique

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you'll always find the perfect item in the shop at the Maison des Canuts including: headscarves, scarves, silk squares, dress-length pieces of fabric, etc.
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Sophie Guyot  Objets Textiles
Sophie Guyot | Objets Textiles

Contemporary silk items and matching sets for men and women. Manufactured, pleated, embroidered, dyed and printed in Lyon. Unique pieces and numbered limited editions.
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Atelier de Soierie  Boutique
Atelier de Soierie - Boutique

Located in Lyon’s traditional silk-making district on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse hill, our shop offers a huge choice of items, traditionally printed in our workshop including ties, breast pocket handkerchiefs, shawls, headscarves, muslin, scar...
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Ansari Cachemire, Soie, Pashmina
Ansari Cashmere, Silk, Pashmina

Cosy boutique located only two minutes from place Bellecour, Ansari invites you to travel to the source of Indian textile art. Here, iconic Jamawar Silks stand alongside presciously hand-woven ultrafine Pashminas and stunningly embroidered shawls.
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CathAm Soie
CathAm Silk

Wild silks in shimmering colours, created by an original Lyonnais fashion designer - you are in CathAm Soie in Old Lyon.
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Soierie SaintGeorges
Soierie Saint-Georges (Saint Georges Silk Works)

The last weaving workshop still in activity in Old Lyon presents in its shop a wide range of silks produced in the Soieries Lyonnaises: ties, headscarves, scarves, stoles, chiffon and velvet fabrics, and much more.
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Maison COMBIER - Tousoie

The Maison COMBIER shop is a unique location where you can find the silk products produced by a major Lyonnais manufacturer in addition to a wide range of outstanding scarves and headscarves.
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Virginie Varenne, directrice de la Maison des Canuts Interview "...丝绸工人之家..." 维吉尼(Virginie)和费立波.瓦海呐(Philibert Varenne) 丝绸工人之家


维吉尼.瓦海呐(Virginie Varenne)和她的丈夫费立波.瓦海呐(Philibert Varenne)是里昂丝绸工人之家的负责人,夫妻二人一同修复了这个历史古迹。我们可以从丝绸店进入,这里的建筑还保留着旧时的风格——高高的木质吊顶和亮堂的房间。白色的墙壁衬托出丝绸明亮的色彩。

维吉尼.瓦海呐(Virginie Varenne)投入了巨大精力,力图将这个为里昂历史做出巨大贡献的丝绸工厂保存下来,让更多的人可以来这里参观并了解这段光荣的历史。


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