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从高卢-罗马文化到丝绸和纺织品的发展,从季农小木偶到世界木偶博物馆,从印刷技术到电影术的发明,再到文艺复兴时期的历史,从美术馆到装饰品艺术。让您整个身心沉浸到历史和里昂的文化遗产中。里昂主要的博物馆都可以使用里昂旅游一卡通(Lyon City Card)。



Maison Natale du Curé d'Ars
Birthplace of the Cure of Ars

Jean-Marie Vianney was born here on May 8th, 1786 and stayed until the age of 20. He was then promoted to parish priest in Ars-en-Dombes in February 1818. Property of one of his great-grandnephews, the period furniture and fittings (18th century)...
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Le Hameau Duboeuf
The Hameau Duboeuf

The first oenology park in the Beaujolais. Wine-lovers, history enthusiasts or garden lovers...treat yourself to the generous and varied nature of this really exceptional property.
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Institut d'Art Contemporain  IAC
Institut d'Art Contemporain - IAC

The Institute of Contemporary Art creates and conducts research into contemporary art, organises exhibitions and events and puts together internationally-renowned collections of works, in a gallery renovated for every show.
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Cité de la Gastronomie
Cité de la Gastronomie

La Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon sera un lieu d’innovation, de transmission et d’apprentissage pour permettre de découvrir les secrets des produits, des terroirs, des savoirs, des savoir-faire de la gastronomie française et interna...
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In two rooms of the Fort de Bron, aviation and Bron aerodrome history enthusiasts have created a collection of a significant amount of iconographical documents as well as items such as propellers, aircraft instruments and even landing gears.
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La Maison Hosotte
Maison Hosotte

The Maison Hosotte, run by the Amis du Vieux Grigny, exhibits collections of ancient items that form the history of the town in this restored former pastry store: earthenware, hats, old photos, etc.
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Classe Musée de l'Ecole Jean Macé
Classe Musée de l'Ecole Jean Macé

Créée en l’an 2000 dans l'école Jean Macé, la classe-musée retrace l’évolution de l’école du XIX° siècle à nos jours. Elle contribue à la sauvegarde du patrimoine scolaire : mobilier ancien, cartes, matériels pédagogiques, objets d'écoliers...
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Le Petit Musée de Guignol
The Guignol Little Museum

In this small museum, Guignol is king! You will discover a wide collection of puppets and other unique items bearing the image of small wooden Lyon.
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Camille Pantano, blogueuse culture

卡米乐.潘塔诺(Camille Pantano),文化专栏博客撰稿人。


卡米乐.潘塔诺(Camille Pantano),文化专栏博客撰稿人。里昂文化的特点是:城市外景艺术与博物馆艺术并存。