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Traboule and Cour des Voraces

Traboule et Cour des Voraces © Eléonore Pourré
An essential and impressive traboule, location of many movies
This traboule mainly constits of a large courtyard ("Cours des Voraces", the name of the group of weavers who led the revolution of 1848). It opens on a buidling of 8 floors recently renovated with an outer staircase very recognizable. The weavers (silk workers ) have long occupied the buidling with their workshops. The exit is either located 14 montée St Sebastien, or, thanks to the staircase, 29 rue Imbert Colomès

Contact details

29 rue Imbert Colomès 9 place Colbert 69001 Lyon 1er

Opening times

Ouvert toute l'année, tous les jours, de 7h à 19h (20h l'été)


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