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Les Traboules de la Croix-Rousse

Les Traboules de la CroixRousse © Cours des Voraces traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_05
Les Traboules de la CroixRousse © 12 rue Fernand Rey traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_02
Les Traboules de la CroixRousse © 5 rue des Feuillants traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_01
Les Traboules de la CroixRousse © 3 rue Romarins Traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_03
Les Traboules de la CroixRousse © 59 Montée de la Grande Côte traboule HD©www.b-rob.com_01
These shortcuts, in the form of internal passage, allow to communicate from a street to the other one by crossing one or several buildings and run. Besides their picturesque aspect, they conceal architectural curiosities and often miracles.
Trabouler , from Latin " Trans ambulare " means " pass through " . In large numbers on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, they were mainly used to bring back the silk traders down the hill without exposing them to the elements. They sheltered the secret comings and goings of Canuts during their great revolt in 1831 and Resistants of Lyon during the 2nd War. The main alleyways are: - 9 place Colbert at 14a St Sebastian and climb at 29 rue Imbert Colomès : the "Court of Voracious " or " House of the Republic" (place Colbert ) whose name comes from a group of the silk weavers (Canuts) which were very active especially revolutionary in 1848. Monumental six-story facades of stairs. - 20 rue Imbert Colomès au 55 rue des Tables Claudiennes - 30 rue Burdeau au 19 rue René Leynaud (passage Thiaffait) - 6 rue René Leynaud au 3 rue des Capucins - 6 rue des Capucins au rue Ste Marie des Terreaux - 2-4 rue Ste Catherine au 21 rue d'Algérie

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