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Unfolding simultaneously in the spaces of the urban environment and edition (books, posters…), the approach of Jean-Baptiste Sauvage is part of what is called today « the sculpture in the broad sense »: a sculptural practice that favors, without conferring it, an « in situ » intervention through precise gestures.
Both tool and medium, the image becomes an element of this approach, affirming the constitutive relationship between thought of space and practice of look. In this regard the dimension of edition, investing a variety of formats, is an integral part of the artwork, at the same time counterpoint and prolongation of the sculptural approach. Jean-Baptiste Sauvage works almost exclusively with the in situ forms. There is no prediction of medium. His scope of application is none other than its surrounding space, urban, industrial or architectural which often grafted by interventions, installations, sculptural, luminous at very different scales. The archive of the produced pieces is also questioned and the edition is often part of the work sometimes like a non-objective trace.

practical information

4, rue de la Thibaudière 69007 Lyon 7ème

Tel. : 06 74 84 67 06

Opening times

From 08/09 to 28/10/2017 between 1.30 PM and 6 PM.
Closed Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.


Free entry.


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