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Les dimanches de l'Ile Barbe © Muriel Chaulet
Les jeudis des musiques du monde © Muriel Chaulet
Bal tango place Gailleton © Muriel Chaulet

Everyone Outdoors!

Nathalie Suchet: Cultural Activities Project Manager

From June 21 to September 2, 2017, the Tout l'Monde Dehors Festival (Everyone Outdoors!) invites people in Lyon to celebrate summertime outdoors in their neighbourhoods. Including music, dance, theatre, sport and films, some 300 events are scheduled throughout the city.

What's on the event programme for the Tout l'Monde Dehors festival?

All summer long, we will be proposing concerts, balls, plays, sports classes, introductions to dancing, games workshops and film sessions out in the open air. Organised by local associations, these cultural events will be held in around 100 sites all over the city.

What are the "must see" highlights of the event?

The festival has three main highlights: The festival of Music on June 21th, The National Day and "Interlud' (the game terrace). On June 21, is dedicated to music with concerts throughout the town. On July 14, are organised local dances on 3 different stages alongside the river Saône. "Interlud" will be held in July and August in the Confluence quarter, focusing on parlour games.

What do you remember most from the previous events?

Last year, pianos were set up for the public throughout the city. I watched some amazing improvised concerts, particularly on the bandstand in the Tête d’Or park. We'll be doing the same again this year as this is coincides with the theme of Tout l'Monde Dehors : creating improvised shared moments of fun and festivity among the people of Lyon..

Where can we get more details about the event programme? 

The complete event programme is available on our website, and we are also producing brochures which we will be distributing.

Some of her favourite Tout le Monde Dehors places in Lyon:

Where's the best place for a romantic stroll?
In the Tête d’Or park , as far as the Ile du Vélodrome, to listen to a baroque music concert as part of "Baroque sous les arbres" (Baroque in the shade) this year from July 7-10.

Where's the best place to party? 
In the city's squares during the many dance festivals and dance parties organised all summer long.

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02/09/2014 10:30

Bonjour, j'ai été au bal du 14/07/2014 sur les quais de saône, je n'ai pas retrouvé l'ambiance d'un bal mais plutôt de concerts. J'avais été au bal du 14/07 à la croix rousse il y a 1 ou 2 ans et ca, c'était un bal

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