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François Postaire © opéra de Lyon
Flamenco à l'amphimidi © Stofleth
Public de l'amphimidi © Stofleth
Amphimidi © Stofleth

Melodious lunch breaks at the opera house

François Postaire, manager of the amphitheatre at Lyon's opera house

At lunchtime on Wednesdays and Fridays, the opera house opens the doors of its amphitheatre to young artists for free concerts… a great opportunity to discover new talents in an atmosphere that's conducive to exchange.

Could you please explain these "amphimidis" events at the opera house?

They are free musical meetings in the opera 's amphitheatre at 12.30 on Wednesdays and Fridays. These " amphimidis " events enable us to offer the inhabitants of Lyon a short and intelligent lunch break (45 minutes) and a stage to young artists. We work with Lyon's conservatoires but also with young groups. In 2003 for instance, we were the first to book the Pockemon Crew…

What is the programme on offer? 

It is very diverse: in addition to classical music, jazz and world music, we also organise urban culture meetings. And the public is also extremely heterogeneous, with all ages and all levels of society being represented. And as meetings are held in an outsize room with seating for 100 people, there are lots of exchanges with the public. Such is the great wealth of this meeting.

What other great things does the opera house have to offer?

The amphitheatre puts on concerts that are accessible to everyone (16 euros and 10 euros reduced price) with a very good programme: jazz, world music, graphic arts, dance, as well as conferences before the shows. During the summer, free jazz concerts are held every evening on the peristyle. And throughout the year, the opera house schedules meetings with artists, public rehearsals and invitations. Don't hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter to stay abreast of all the news.

Programme and booking of the Amphimidi


His Lyonnais favourites 

Where's the best place for a romantic stroll? 
On the banks of the river Saône…

Where's the best place to meet "real" Lyonnais people?
At the  market in the Croix-Rousse  area.

Where's the best place to party?
At  la Clef de Voûte , a great jazz club.

Where's the best place to buy a souvenir of Lyon? 
Why not enjoy a Snowball in the Fourvière area!

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16/10/2017 09:15

Bonjour - Nous sommes un groupe d'amies fréquentant depuis toujours les séances de concert de l'Amphi Midi. Or, nous avons constaté que cette année le début est très tardif et nous espérons qu'ils seront reconduits, avec un répertoire varié et de qualité. Quelques solistes (un pianiste argentin, le jazzman B. Trotignan, la chanteuse de Motown Revival) étaient absolument exceptionnels.

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