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Théâtre élisabétain - La Tour Passagère
Théâtre élisabétain - La Tour Passagère
Théâtre élisabétain (intérieur) - La Tour Passagère

La Tour Passagère Festival

In June (even years), Square Delfosse, on the banks of the Saône

The association Baroque et Plus serves up high-quality Baroque concerts. But that's not all... They bring a touch of inventiveness, originality, imagination and modernity, as they blend influences from various styles and eras. Audiences are treated to performances full of energy and emotion.

La Tour Passagère is a perfect example! Imagine an Elizabethan tower standing on the banks of the Saône, in lush green surroundings, and relaxing in the sun with a glass in your hand...

During the evening, in this round three-storey wooden theatre, where the audience sit in close proximity to the artists, the varied programme includes a blend of old and oriental instruments, theatre, jazz, dance, Mozart, and more.
Gems to discover, artistic boldness and talent to spare.
This is a unique experience that we've tried and loved. Highly recommended!

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