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L'épopée de l'uniforme militaire français
L'épopée de l'uniforme militaire français

The Epix Tale of the French Military Uniform

From the 23rd of September to the 27th of November 2016 at the Sucrière (Confluence district).

The prestige of the military uniform has a bright future ahead of it! Here's proof, with a fashion show and two exhibitions. 

A fashion show and competition between Lyon's fashion schools will open the event and set the tone.
An exhibition of authentic uniforms shows the evolution of clothing strategies and fashion over the course of time (soldiers dressed in red – what were they thinking?!).

This is an opportunity to appreciate the taste of the military for fine garments, and gauge the considerable influence of military uniform on French civilian fashion!

The photo exhibition gives a modern perspective of this unique and classic style. Free conferences sponsored by Stéphane Bern will also be held alongside the event.

Admission free.

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