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Pour vous Mesdames ! au CHRD

Something for the ladies! Fashion in wartime

From November 28, 2013 to April 13, 2014, the CHRD is exploring a new facet of life in Lyon during the Second World War: fashion in all its forms!

It's not often that an exhibition pays tribute to fashion and to women. 
You’ll enjoy taking your time when viewing this exhibition, which traces some of the trends and fashion tips and tricks from those dark years.

Despite the restrictions and the difficulties of daily life in the 1940s, the women of Lyon put a great deal of energy, not to mention ingenuity, into staying elegant.

This even went as far as drawing fake stockings seams on their legs with a pencil!

While also learning more about the social image of women in general, throughout this exhibition we discover the economic importance of fashion, in the clothing workshops, fashion shows and the press from those wartime years.

People’s pride in their appearance emerged as a psychological weapon and became an act of resistance in itself.

Whether it’s the silk wedding dress from 1942 or the costumes made for the cinema, visitors can admire the clothing worn by Romy Schneider in Le Vieux Fusil or Carole Bouquet in Lucie Aubrac.

The highlight of this exhibition? 
This would certainly be an album of the best period photos assembled by the CHRD ( Resistance and Deportation History  Centre)   from the people of Lyon.

A moving, elegant and 100% Lyon-themed exhibition!

Admission to the CHRD and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card.

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Lyon City Card Admission to the CHRD and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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