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Antoine Catala - installation Jardin synthétique à l’isolement (2014-2015) pour le MAC Lyon
Boo Junfeng, Happy and Free (extrait), 2013 Collection de l’artiste

Open Sea and Antoine Catala

From the 17th April to the 12th July 2015, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

MACLyon  has  two exhibitions  to be discovered without delay, artistic voyages influenced by Asia and the United States.

Open Sea takes us on a discovery tour of an often largely unknown contemporary artistic world: that of Singapore and South-East Asia. This exotic and very topical trip takes us from Malaysia to Vietnam, from Indonesia to the Philippines, and of course to Singapore, the economic and cultural hub of this part of the world.
Enjoy a change of scenery at  MACLyon  thanks to its installations, photographs, videos, sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Antoine Catala, a French man who resides in New York, is exhibiting his work in France and at the MAC for the first time.
The exhibition is playful, poetic and digital, in a word, contemporary, and gives an overview of the artist’s creativity, which draws its rather urban inspiration from the Internet, advertising and TV, with the added advantage of his own personal poetic touch...

Images, logos, technology, movement and language are his favourite playground, by means of photography, videos and wordplay. Don’t miss his video-sculptures which are visual works that rely heavily on language.
A real event.

With the Lyon City Card, you get priority access to all the exhibitions at the MAC

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Lyon City Card With the Lyon City Card, you get priority access to all the exhibitions at the MAC

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