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Ma Maison à Lugdunum

My home in Lugdunum

From June 5, 2014 to January 5, 2015 at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Lyon-Fourvière

Take a trip back in time to discover the Gallo-Roman era…

Have you ever wondered how our Gallo-Roman ancestors went about acquiring a home?

There were no estate agencies nor banks nor 25-year mortgages. These were very different times! Despite this, laws governed the acquisition and construction of properties, even way back in 50 BC!

There were construction permits, rules concerning the height of the buildings and standards governing the width of the streets.

Based on recent archaeological excavations, this  exhibition , 

brings us a wealth of astonishing information about urban planning in Lugdunum

As an example, we learn that the homes were built from stone but also from earth and wood. Mosaics, which formed the centrepiece of the Roman home, naturally feature highly throughout the exhibition. A model recreates the Roman district for total submersion in this fascinating world. Welcome to Lugdunum!

In addition to this enjoyable exhibition and forming a link between the past and the present, decorative graffiti work by the Lyon Bombing street artist group can be admired throughout Lyon’s public areas!
Keep your eyes peeled!

Admission to the museum and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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Lyon City Card Admission to the museum and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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