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Antinoé, à la vie à la mode, au MTMAD

Life and Fashion in Antinopolis

From October 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014, at the Fabric and Decorative Arts Museum (Musée des Tissus et Arts décoratifs– MTMAD). 

In 1896, Emile Guimet appointed the archaeologist Albert Gayet to carry out excavations in Antinopolis, the Egyptian town founded by Emperor Hadrian on the very site at which his favourite Antinous drowned…

After several series of excavations, the town's necropolis revealed a selection of luxurious clothing items. 
These admirably demonstrate the tastes, splendour and elegance of Antinopolis' inhabitants.

For the first time, the MTMAD  

is now able to display this outstanding and unusual collection!

It includes almost 250 caftans, tunics, shoes, accessories, coats and complete men's and women's costumes, on display in the Museum's Carpet Room, the flagship area of this exhibition.

In partnership with the Lyon Opera, the costumes, which have been reproduced identically, are featured in photos on huge posters!

The luxury fabrics, unique examples of silks, woven braid and even mummies make this exhibition one of the finest and most attractive to be viewed at the moment!

The exhibition  has obtained the "Exhibition of National Interest" label! 

Don't miss it… it's simply breath-taking!

Admission to the MTMAD is included in the Lyon City Card

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