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portrait tissé de Charlotte Corday au Musée des Tissus de Lyon

La Fabrique des grands hommes - Exhibition

Until the 28th October 2012 at the Fabric Museum. Discover an astonishing collection of woven portraits.

When portrait art becomes the subject of rivalry between Lyon's weavers, painters, photographers or engravers, the result is the emergence of an unusual artistic discipline!

Born from skills centuries-old, the weaving of portraits is aLyonnaisspeciality which became a source of great passion and even envy. Everyone who was anyone wanted their own little velvet portrait.

So come along and admire this very unusual gallery. You'll be struck by the uncanny resemblance with the portraits of famous characters throughout history such as Queen Victoria or Marie Antoinette! They stand alongside those of the creators of this process, who clearly subscribed to the idea that “charity begins at home”.

And if you thought that portrait weaving is a product of the past, you'd be wrong…. Barack Obama and John-Paul II have also been immortalized in fabric by the weavers.

The “Fabrique des grands hommes” exhibition at the Fabric Museum (Musée des Tissus) brings us the story of a fascinating historical challenge.

We're betting that this is one museum visit you won't regret!

Admission to the museum and the exhibition are free with the Lyon City Card

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