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Fleury Michard, François 1er et Marguerite de Navarre, 1804, Arenenberg Napoleon Museum
Pierre Révoil, Tournoi au 15ème Siècle - 1812
Ingres, Paolo et Francesca, 1819, Angers

L'invention du passé - Histoires de cœur et d'épée en Europe (Inventing the past – Tales of romance and chivalry in Europe) 1802-1850

Experience a journey between the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the 19th-century from April 19 to July 21, 2014 at the Fine Arts Museum.

With mediaeval times taking centre stage today in numerous series and films, this unusual exhibition  enlightens us that this fascination for the Middle Ages goes back further than you may think.

Just after the French Revolution, a curious public began to rediscover mediaeval items and works of art. A new artistic style emerged, that of troubadour art, in which two painters from Lyon, Fleury Richard and Pierre Révoil, played an important part.

In the very middle of the Romantic period, these artists focused on history and presented an occasionally idealised and fantasized image of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period. The presentation of these works, which are rarely exhibited together, enables us to appreciate to what extent these artists shaped our impression of this period.

To enhance your visit, head for the Royal Monastery of Brou (Ain) which demonstrates the importance of Gothic architecture as a decorative style and which was a source of inspiration for the artists.

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