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Visite d'enfants au Musée Gallo-Romain

European Night of Museums 2013

On Saturday, May 18th 2013, the museums will be seething with excitement from nightfall onwards. An event not to be missed!

If there’s one cultural activity that you really mustn’t miss, it’s definitely the Night of Museums.

The atmosphere is special…
The light, the sounds, and the sensations are different. It floats in the air like a light, mysterious perfume.

Exciting and unusual.

And you feel somewhat privileged to be able to visit this beautiful venue at night.

You (re)discover the collections under completely different lighting, and the magic happens.

And the museums play an active part too, organising tours, out of the ordinary activities, shows and encounters.

We promise you an evening packed with surprises and enjoyable encounters with art, the sciences and history, and the kids will enjoy it just as much as you.

Here are a few ideas thought up just for the occasion by the museums of Greater Lyon.

Entry to the majority of Lyon’s museums is included in the  Lyon City Card

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