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Nato , 1977, Série L’Ouest vu de L’Est Peinture glycérophtalique sur toile, 114  160 cm Collection de l’artiste, Paris © Archives Erró ©...
Erró, Une du catalogue de l'exposition

Erró Retrospective

From the 3rd October 2014 to the 22nd February 2015, at MacLyon, Museum of Contemporary Art

Fancy taking a dive into the very distinctive world of Erró?

Erró, whose real name is Gudmundur Gudmundsson, was born in Iceland and now lives in Paris.

He will be making a triumphant comeback to Lyon to tell his story through this plethoric  retrospective  

exhibited throughout the 3 floors of the museum. More than enough to give you an insight into his prolific imagination!

This isn't the first time he has been to Lyon, as he exhibited his works here during the previous Biennial of Contemporary Art.
But this colossal exhibition is the opportunity to further our exploration of the works of this militant artist and protagonist of narrative figuration, who draws his inspiration from daily life.

He uses all means of expression available: collage, performances, videos, watercolours, paintings, drawings: and more than 500 works will be exhibited by   MacLyon  

to draw us into the world of the first story-teller in the history of art.

This artist of abundance and colour, who stands alone on the cutting edge of art, never fails to elicit a reaction.

Access to MacLyon and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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Lyon City Card Access to MacLyon and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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