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La Monte Young et Marian Zazeela, Dream House, 1990. Collection MAC Lyon. Vue de l'exposition du 28/09 au 30/12/2012 au MAC Lyon © photo : Blaise A...
John Cage, Los Angeles 1989 © Sabine Mathes
Expo George Brecht au MAC Lyon du 28/09 au 30/12/2012 © Photo: Blaise Adilon ©Adagp, Paris 2012
Richard Buckminster Fuller, Bear Island Dome,1960. Courtesy The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller. Collection MAC Lyon. Vue de l'exposition du 28/09 a...

A contemporary quartet at the MAC

4 artists are exhibiting at the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art until December 30, 2012

If you're a contemporary art lover, the MAC has everything you need!

We bring you 4 thought-provoking exhibitions focusing on major artists!

We begin with an exhibition expressing the admiration shown by the American composer John Cage for the Frenchman Erik Satie. A story of mutual inspiration and fascination, music is central to their work.

We also find the audio-visual aspect very present in the work by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, bringing us a dreamlike and relaxing atmosphere.

For his part, Richard Buckminster Fuller erects domes in front of the museum created based on his observation of nature, raising the question of the exhaustion of our planet's natural resources.

Last but not least, George Brecht advocates “art for all”, an art suitable for everyone and produced by everyone. Can any of us really say that when standing in front of a piece of contemporary art we have never heard or said "I could have done that!"? Come on… be honest! For George Brecht, art is life. Based on this premise, he encourages everyone to be an artist and a full participant by playing “scores” or using commonplace day-to-day items.

Over to you now to discover this exciting museum!

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Lyon City Card Admission to the exhibitions at the MAC is free of charge with the Lyon City Card