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L'Oiseau de feu © Roberta Cavalieri
L'Oiseau de feu © Roberta Cavalieri
Leonard Slatkin et l'ONL © Bruno Amsellem
ONL - Ciné-concert 'L'histoire du Soldat'

A Russian Festival

From the 8th of November to the 5th of December 2016 at the Auditorium de Lyon

One of the main events of the Auditorium's musical season.

What's on the programme? A mouth-watering musical selection including six Tchaikovsky symphonies conducted by Leonard Slatkin, and his Piano Concerto No.2 with the pianist Boris Berezovsky conducted by Iouri Temirkarov.

A number of major musicians are also being invited: pianist Dmitry Masleev and the Borodin Quartet, and pianist Mikhaïl Rudy will play 'La Couleur des Sons' (colour of sounds) based on works by Chagall and Kandinsky.

A performance by major pianist Grigrori Sokolov will conclude the festival.

Recitals, a show and a 'ciné-concert' for all ages based on The Soldier's Tale, a 'concert expresso' of The Firebird and popular Russian music.

Don't miss the Auditorium's 'Happy Day' called Fête Russe, based on a dream of Russia...

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