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Le Génie de la fabrique au MTMAD de Lyon
Le Génie de la fabrique au MTMAD de Lyon, affiche

The genius of La Fabrique

Until the 31st December 2017, at the Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts in Lyon.

What is La Fabrique?
The term refers to all trades involved in designing, manufacturing and marketing silk fabrics.

In Lyon La Fabrique enjoyed its heyday during the 18th century, a century of fame for the city's silk trade, the influence of which was felt worldwide.

Although most of us have heard of Lyon's silk workers, or canuts, who wove exceptional fabrics, less is known of the other trades; the people who repaired the weaving looms, the embroiderers, the card punchers and the silk merchants… Or the designers, constantly in search of inspiration and new ideas for their motifs, to meet the requirements of demanding customers the world over. 

Philippe de Lasalle, a famous designer in Lyon, is one such great man who contributed to Lyon's reputation for excellence.

The exhibition details Lyon's silk epic through its historic characters, its superb materials, dresses, draperies and exceptional motifs… 

It will help you understand how very important silk still is to Lyon's present identity.

Access to the museum and the exhibition are included in the Lyon City Card

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25/05/2016 14:35

Très belle expo. La Fabrique a en effet occupé une place clé dans le développement économique de Lyon, et l'expo permet d'en prendre la mesure. Et on peut voir de pures merveilles en matière de tissus, broderies... A ne pas manquer

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