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Prairial © ©Sabine Serrad
Prairial © ©Sabine Serrad
Prairial © ©Sabine Serrad
Prairial © ©Matthieu Cellard
Prairial © ©Matthieu Cellard
Prairial ©
Prairial breaks the codes with a brave new gastronomy by revealing the creativity of Gaëtan Gentil playing with seasons.
PRaiRiaL does not have a set menu, as its choice of dishes varies from day to day. You probably think this means our menu changes to suit the season, but it doesn't. Our creative skills are not set in stone, and neither are our habits, whims, products and inspiration. We shuffle our cards with every service, which means the choice of dishes is constantly changing to meet requirements, to the great delight of all enthusiasts. Seasonal products are nevertheless important to Gaëtan Gentil, who gives PRaiRiaL real expertise and know-how when it comes to choosing the best products at the right time, from local suppliers in collaboration with market gardeners, fishermen and farmers, to offer exceptional quality. Each artisan has a passion for his trade, and Gaëtan pays tribute to them all by elevating the fruit of their work to the very highest standards in all his dishes. His high standards in terms of products, cooking methods and seasoning are obvious in all PRaiRial products and delights all gourmets who are as concerned with their environment as they are about their own pleasure.


Toilets, Air conditioning, Air conditioned restaurant, Restaurant

Langues parlées

English, French

Name of Chef



1 star 2017 Michelin

Type of cuisne

Gastronomic restaurant

Number of rooms


Maximum number of covers


Contact details

11 rue Chavanne 69001 Lyon 1er

Tel. : 04 78 27 86 93


Adult menu: 29 to 80 €.

€35 to €60.

Opening times

Open from Tue. to Sat.: noon-1:30 pm and 8 pm-9:30 pm. Closed on Jan. 1st, Jul. 14th, on Dec. 24th, 25th and 26th.


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Jean-François Mesplède

让.弗朗索瓦.梅斯普莱德(Jean-François Mesplède),美食作家。


让.弗朗索瓦.梅斯普莱德(Jean-François Mesplède),美食作家,曾在2006到2009年度担任《米其林美食指南(le guide Michelin)》负责人。在里昂人眼里,从古国马时期开始就认为“民以食为天”!